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Launched in 2021, Coast Funding (“Coast”) is a leading provider of financing for small and mid-sized businesses.  Coast was established with the goal of bringing enterprise level technology, automation, and experience to a strategically nimble fintech platform, and brings the concept of relationship back to the client experience.  Each client receives a personalized experience from a US-based Funding Advisor driven through the technology and automation built into our proprietary platform.  Small business owners want to feel great about their financing provider, and Coast combines relationship with technology to deliver a best-in-class funding experience business owners have been longing for.

Company Highlights:

  • Since inception, Coast has generated over $80 million in funded volume across 3,000+ transactions.
  • Established business model that has been originating volume since 2021, with significant growth potential.
  • Management team has over 16 years of SMB funding experience.  Prior to Coast, management team delivered over $2 Billion, across 55,000 unique transactions and roughly 500,000 applicants in similar business model.  The team delivered a successful exit to a global credit manager with over $50 billion in assets under management.
  • Purpose built technology platform focused on automation, efficiency, and scalability.