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Cleaning Services Business Loans

Cleaning Services
Business Funding

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Only take what you need, and only pay for what you use. Great option for short term business funding needs and a healthy managing cash flow.


Access funding for your next project or cleaning-related expenses. Short term loan solutions for your growing business.


Access working capital for your cleaning company based on your revenue. Get cash upfront to help bridge gaps in cash flow or fund an upcoming project.


Traditional financing programs, 2 to 5 year terms, fixed monthly payments. Specialty programs for cleaning equipment loans.

Elevate Your Cleaning Services Business with Strategic Business Loans

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach, enhance your services, or seize new opportunities, a well-timed business loan can provide the financial boost you need. Discover the transformative benefits of securing a business loan tailored to your industry.

Why Choose a Business Loan for Your Cleaning Services Business?

  1. Scalability: Unleash your business’s growth potential. A business loan empowers you to scale up your operations, take on more clients, and expand your service offerings.

  2. Invest in Equipment: The right equipment is the cornerstone of your business. Use a business loan to invest in state-of-the-art cleaning tools, machinery, and technologies that boost efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

  3. Marketing Power: Make your presence known in the market. Utilize loan funds to craft compelling marketing campaigns, build a professional website, and establish a strong online and offline brand identity.

  4. Talent Acquisition and Training: Your team’s expertise sets you apart. With a business loan, you can attract skilled professionals, provide training, and ensure your staff is equipped to deliver top-tier services.

Top Ways to Utilize Your Business Loan:

  1. Equipment Upgrade: Replace outdated equipment with cutting-edge technology that improves efficiency, reduces operational costs, and enhances the quality of your services.

  2. Diversify Services: Expand your offerings to cover specialized cleaning services such as deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, or eco-friendly solutions, catering to a broader clientele.

  3. Fleet Expansion: If your business involves mobile cleaning units, a business loan can help you acquire new vehicles, ensuring you can serve a wider geographical area.

  4. Safety and Training: Invest in employee safety by providing proper training and protective gear. A well-trained team not only delivers superior services but also reduces the risk of accidents.

  5. Customer Experience: Enhance customer satisfaction by investing in customer relationship management (CRM) systems and tools that help you provide personalized and consistent services.

Common Cleaning Equipment We Fund:

  1. Commercial Vacuum Cleaners: High-capacity vacuum cleaners with advanced filtration systems are essential for cleaning carpets, floors, and upholstery in large commercial spaces.

  2. Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers: These machines are used to clean and maintain various types of flooring, such as tile, concrete, and hardwood, in large commercial areas.

  3. Pressure Washers: Pressure washers are used to clean outdoor areas, building exteriors, and parking lots, effectively removing dirt, grime, and debris.

  4. Carpet Cleaners: Industrial-grade carpet cleaning machines can deep clean and remove tough stains from carpets in commercial settings.

  5. Steam Cleaners: Steam cleaners use high-temperature steam to disinfect and clean surfaces, making them ideal for sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas.

  6. Window Cleaning Equipment: Equipment like extension poles, squeegees, and water-fed poles are essential for cleaning windows in multi-story commercial buildings.

  7. Janitorial Carts and Cleaning Supplies: Janitorial carts equipped with compartments for cleaning supplies, trash receptacles, and mop buckets help streamline cleaning processes.

  8. Industrial Mops and Microfiber Cloths: These tools are used for cleaning various surfaces and are essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

  9. Disinfection Equipment: Foggers, sprayers, and electrostatic disinfection machines are used to efficiently disinfect large spaces, especially in the wake of health concerns.

  10. Trash Compactors: For properties that generate significant amounts of waste, trash compactors help reduce the volume of trash and minimize the frequency of disposal.

  11. Air Purifiers and Filtration Systems: In commercial spaces, air quality is crucial. Air purifiers and filtration systems help maintain a healthy environment.

  12. Safety Equipment: Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks, and safety goggles are vital for ensuring the safety of cleaning staff.

  13. Specialty Cleaning Equipment: Depending on the services offered, specialty equipment such as upholstery cleaners, graffiti removers, and floor polishers might be necessary.

  14. Storage and Organization Solutions: Shelving units, storage cabinets, and organization systems help keep cleaning equipment and supplies well-organized.

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