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Customized business loans for you custom business


Only take what you need, and only pay for what you use. Great option for short term business funding needs and a healthy managing cash flow.


Access funding for your next project or medical-related expenses. Short term loan solutions for your growing business.


Access working capital for your medical practice based on your revenue/receivables. Get cash upfront to bridge gaps in cash flow or fund a project.


Traditional financing programs, 2 to 5 year terms, fixed monthly payments. Specialty programs for medical and healthcare equipment loans.

The Benefits of a Medical Practice Business Loan:

A medical practice business loan offers a range of valuable benefits that can significantly enhance the operations and growth of a healthcare facility. These loans provide essential financial resources to medical practitioners, enabling them to invest in advanced medical equipment, technology upgrades, facility expansion, and staff training. By accessing these funds, medical practices can improve patient care quality, enhance diagnostic and treatment capabilities, and ultimately attract a larger patient base. Additionally, such loans facilitate the management of day-to-day operational expenses, ensuring smooth operations even during fluctuating cash flows. The financial flexibility provided by a medical practice business loan empowers healthcare professionals to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry while maintaining a high standard of care.

Common Medical Funding Solutions:

  • Most medical offices and healthcare providers will experience delays in their insurance or client payments while operating their practice. This can create undue pressure on the cash flow of your practice.  Coast Funding provides financing solutions that help you bridge the gap and keep your cash flow healthy and the practice running smoothly.  Banks typically do not understand medical accounts receivable. Coast Funding focuses specifically on financing healthcare and medical businesses and so we understand the pressure providers face.
  • In the medical and healthcare industry, the equipment a facility uses for their patients is of upmost importance. For the best patient care, medical facilities must keep equipment up to date to deliver patients with the best possible experience and healthcare outcomes. Coast Funding has the financing programs healthcare providers need to keep their medical equipment and technology innovative, compliant and deliver the best possible patient care.
  • Sectors we work with include:
    • Hospitals
    • Surgery Centers
    • Private Practice
    • Dental Offices
    • Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
    • Veterinary Centers
    • Optometrists
    • Chiropractic Offices
    • Home Healthcare & Hospice
    • Physical Therapy
    • And more
  • At Coast, we love our animals as much as you do. We also love working with Veterinarians and helping them achieve business goals.  Veterinary medicine is still considered an alternative form in the eyes of most banks and traditional funding sources.  This can make it difficult to obtain financing and access to working capital.  Coast understands these challenges and has funding solutions that cater specifically to the veterinary industry.  Whether you are looking to expand your center, renovate the boarding facility, purchase equipment or inventory, or increase staffing, Coast has the funding solutions to help your business thrive.   
  • Implementing new equipment and upgrading technology is an easy way to improve your dental practice, enhance your revenue and increase patient satisfaction. Renovating or remodeling your dental office can also open your practice up to new patients and opportunities.  Coast Funding specializes in financing for dentists that will help support your practice growth strategy.
  • Over 90% of patients choose their medical provider on the internet. In today’s digital world, the way potential clients view your practice online can make a huge difference in your success, but developing your website and investing in marketing can be expensive.  Coast Funding can help by financing your upfront investment and providing flexible repayment terms to pay over time as patients and revenue increase. 
  • Chiropractic medicine has become a mainstream treatment, but it is still considered an alternative form in the eyes of most banks and traditional funding sources. That may make it difficult to obtain financing and access to working capital.  Coast understands these challenges and has funding solutions that cater specifically to the Chiropractic industry.   
  • Care provided in the comfort of home is a vital service, especially as seniors comprise a growing share of the U.S. population. If you’re expanding or simply need additional working capital for your home health care or hospice business, Coast Funding can help.  Our programs can provide access to the capital your business needs to thrive, generally with more flexible requirements and terms than a conventional loan from your bank. 
  • Nearly every medical practice or healthcare business experiences dips in cash flow from time to time. Whether resulting from a delay in payment from insurance providers or slow paying patients, you still need to run your practice and having a funding resource available is key to success.  Coast Funding provides flexible solutions through our working capital lines and business lines of credit.  Once approved and a limit is established, use your funding line as you see fit.  Only take what you need and only pay for what you use, it’s that easy!
  • With CVS and Walgreens on nearly every street corner, it can be challenging to compete as an independent pharmacy owner. Combine this with an ever-changing regulatory landscape, adjustment to PBM processes, and the volatile costs of supplies/inventory, having access to capital is paramount.  Coast Funding works extensively with pharmacists every day, so we understand the challenges you experience and what it takes for your business to succeed.  Coast Funding has programs that cater specifically to the needs of independent pharmacies.  Inventory financing, business line of credit, short term business loans, we have the solutions to help your pharmacy thrive.
  • If you’re an independent pharmacy owner or pharmacist, you’re probably aware of the upcoming changes to DIR fees that will take effect in 2024. These changes are designed to reduce the financial burden and increase transparency in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry; however, the implementation of these changes could present challenges when it comes to cash flow. Coast Funding provides funding solutions that can help navigate these changes more effectively. 

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